Rysvallarens Ole

Rysvalarens Ole came to Germany in exchange for a bitch from Sweden.

I then took him to Schleswig-Holstein for socialization at the age of 4 1/2 months.

I liked the young, bright male so much that I kept him.

At the age of 5 months I tested him on sheep.

At the age of one he already was used for work on the farm.

Ole has a lot of sheep sence, the necessary courage and works very calmly on different groups of sheep.

The youngster has a natural outrun and always the right distance to the sheep.

I am very happy about his ability to quickly understand and his eagerness to learn.

Despite his willingness to work, he is very good and easy to handle.


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 Ole - Danish Nursery Winner 2021

Ole 19 Monate alt

Licensing on 16.05.2021 im CfBrH

Form value grade SG -  License class 2

Ole is available for suitable and healthy bitches.

Ryssvallarens Ole


Born: 23.02-2019

Dog: Black/White/Tan, smooth coated

FCI-reg.: REGV1222/2019

Chip.no.: 94100 00238 23828


Sire: Foxridge Blake (ISDS 00/347067)  Pedigree here

Dam: Sally (ISDS 331454)

Breeder: Anna Eriksson - Sweden




Date: 17.09.2019 - DNA-Test auf MDR1: +/+

Date: 17.09.2019 - DNA-Test auf DM: N/N

Date: 17.09.2019 - Hyperurikosurie: N/N

Date: 15.06.2020 - HD - A

Date: 15.06-2020 - ED - O

Date: 15.06-2020 - OCD - Frei

Date: 15.06-2020 - Eyeresults - All Free


Ole 17 Monate alt

Ole aged 5 month

Working results:


Working test in the ABCDeV. on 08/30/2020

HWT passed at the CfBrH on September 19, 2020

2021-01-02: Newyear-Trial Kl. 1. Place 2 / 4 (aggregate)

2021-01-03: Newyear-Trial Kl. 1. Place 2 / 6 (aggregate)

2021-10-16: Danich Nursery Kl. 3.  Place 1 / 7 (aggregate)



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