Lexi for Horizons Unlimited Ròg Wojskiego

Our Border Terrier

Lexi for Horizons Unlimited Ròg Wojskiego


 We acchieved Lexi in Poland from Kennel Róg Wojskiego.


Lexi is a little eager dog who closely follows everything we're doing. She is curious and playful, but also a little cuddly dog


Born 09/10-2020
The Border Terrier is basically a hunting dog, often used for fox hunting, but is also a really good rat and mouse catcher. her "hunt" here on the farm will probably be mostly the latter. But otherwise we must try to teach her NOT to hunt the sheep and the cats


after AXI Róg Wojskiego (Franciszek Janowski)
and DEX Róg Wojskiego (Franciszek Janowski)
Kennel Róg Wojskiego is a well known FCI recognized kennel which is located almost in the middle of Poland.
Lexi is FCI registered
Both parents are testet SLEM-free

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