Forever Mind with surprise and fun   "Paula"

Health-test result

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf CEA: Normal

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf IGS: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf TNS: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf NCL: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf GG: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf SN: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf PRC: N/N

Date: 15.01.2019 - DNA-Test auf D1: D/d

Date: 15.06.2020 - HD - A

Date: 15.06-2020 - ED - O

Date: 15.06-2020 - OCD - Frei

Date: 15.06-2020 - Eye results - All Free

Date: 12.05.2021 - Gonioscopy - Free.


CAC-Peine 2020-06-28 - V2



V2 - Zwischenklasse - CAC-Peine, 28.06.2020

V3 - Zwischenklasse - Border Collie Spezial Nagold, 12.09.2020

V1 - BOS Zwischenklasse - CAC- Kaltenkirchen, 27.09.2020

V1 - CAC- Paaren/Glien 13.05.2021

V1 - CAC - Hamburg 16.05.2021

Excellent - Vejen, Denmark 19.06.2021

V1 - CAC - Buchholz 26.02.2022

V1 - CAC - Kaltenkirchen 18.09.2022


It came as pure luck, that I was able to buy Paula as a 1 year old bitch directly from the breeder.


At that time I had no idea what a jewel this small, pretty bitch would develop into.

Paula live in the house among other dogs and a cat.

She gets along with all bitches as well as males, is kind and sociable with small dogs, and is friendly and open to visitors.


Over time, I discovered her power and willingness to work. (See videos from the early days).


In my opinion, she could be just as suitable for families or people who enjoy other dog sports such as obedience or agility.


That she is pretty and typical of the breed has been confirmed over and over at the following exhibitions of the CfBrH.


This bitch will be the backbone of my breeding. The term "Unlimited Horizons" fits here!


Many thanks to Sabine Struck for letting me have this great bitch!



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Litter August 2021 =>

28/12-2022 Forever Mind with surprise and fun is German Champion - to certificate

Das Pedigree von Forever Mind

Licensing on Sept. 6th, 2020:

Form value grade V - License class 1

Working results


03.01.2021: New Years-Trial Kl. 1. Platz 4 / 6 (gesamt von 2 Läufen)

13.09.2020: Herding Working Test - Passed

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